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Psyched for an adventure?

At Psyched Adventures, we live for the wilderness.There aren’t many experiences to rival seeing the sun rise from a camp on the mountainside in Snowdonia, North Wales. The exhilarating exhaustion you feel after a day in the hills. Or having your hair whipped by the wind at a new mountain summit.

Also explore the wonderful and rugged coastlines of Anglesey, in North Wales. Breathe in the invigorating sea breeze. These are the moments we live for. The moments we’ve loved since we were young.

Psyched Adventures is run by founders Giles and Sian Hartley, who are well experienced and fully qualified outdoor instructors based in Anglesey and Snowdonia, in North Wales. We’re a small team that works hard to offer you a brilliant experience, whether you’re a seasoned walker looking for a stretching challenge, or you’re just getting a taste for the outdoors.

Psyched Adventures provide tailored adventure half-days, full-days, weekends and longer breaks throughout the year. We offer a range of outdoor activities from coasteering, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, gorge scrambling and mountain walking guiding and expeditions. Sian and Giles passion is to inspire people to enjoy and embrace the outdoors and to have a truly memorable time in North Wales.

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