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Learning, listening and delivering better adventures with a smile since 1991

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Our Company Vision: To be so good at what we do that our customers force us to grow.

Our Purpose: To make your adventures better.

Our Culture: Learning. We are constantly learning, from each other, from customers, from suppliers, from our successes and our mistakes and from the wider world. We are experienced in the outdoor world, but we keep on experiencing, growing, changing and adding to our outdoor experience.

Listening: To learn we must question. We ask our customers what they want, we like to hear and share their stories, but most of all we want to know what is needed of us so that we can supply those needs. We love to listen to and share stories and what we and others have learned through their experience, whether verbally, in our writings, by video or in person.

Delivering: We ask our customers what they need, and our experience and training allow us to deliver, whether it be training, equipment, or advice to make your adventures better. Smiling, nothing better than a job well done to make us happy.

#BetterAdventures We are Adventurers. We learn, we listen, we deliver, we smile.

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