Whistling Sands


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Whistling Sands


The National Trust owned Porthor is a fine beach with a small café/shop and toilets tucked away in one corner. It is known in English as Whistling Sands because of the distinctive squeeking sound the sand makes when you walk on it – you will notice this most on the dry sand located above the high tide mark. The noise is created by the unique shape of the sand particles.

The beach sometimes gives good surfing conditions (see how quickly it fills up with surfers when the waves are big!), but on a typical day smaller, fun waves suitable for body boarding are common.

Porthor has an interesting history; it used to be a busy port exporting local farm produce and importing lime and coal. The National Trust have carried out conservation work in the nearby fields, restoring the stone faced earth banks which divide the fields – these provide a valuable ‘corridor’ for wildlife to move around the area.

At low tide it is possible to access a good rock pooling area in the small bay just to the north. Care should be taken if you approach this bay from the land side as the approach path (essentially a steep muddy runnel) feels quite treacherous, particularly in descent. Just beyond the mouth of the bay there is a small tidal cave with a sandy landing where you may see climbers ‘bouldering’.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach (including the small bay at the north end of the beach) between the 1st of April and 30th September.

Approach / parking:

A National Trust car park is located on the road leading down to the beach. A short walk down the hill leads onto the beach.

Safety & Access
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Safety & Access

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