Llyn Gwynant


Llyn Gwynant  | ©Si Panton

Llyn Gwynant


A series of top quality micro venues spread around the shores of Llyn Gwynant. Most prominent is the rather excellent Gwynant Roadbloc, the obvious large roadside boulder. On the opposite side of the lake (at the base of Craig y Fulfran) is the Elephantitus Cave, which is home to a number of steep and powerful problems, including one of the best 7As in North Wales. The boulders below Clogwyn y Bustach are also well worth a visit.

The best problems tend to be in the grade 7 range, but there are some fine highball problems in the easier grades on the Gwynant Roadbloc. The landings are generally good, although a touch boggy after rain under the easier Roadbloc problems and some of the Bustach boulders.
Another good roadside venue can be found a little further down the valley below Craig y Llyn.


Year round bouldering is possible and shade or sunshine can easily be sought in the pursuit of good conditions. There are some seepage issues (especially on the Bustach boulders), but generally the rock dries fairly quickly after rain. Midges can be a problem on summer evenings.


The Gwynant Roadbloc is accessed via a convenient gap in the wall and stile. The other areas can be reached by walking through the Nant Gwynant campsite and crossing the river in the far corner. The Elephantitus Cave can also be reached from the southern end of the lake.

Safety & Access
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Safety & Access

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