Dinas Dinlle


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Dinas Dinlle


This fine beach attracts plenty of visitors, be they holidaymakers or locals out for an evening stroll and a breath of fresh sea air. It is very extensive though so you will not be left wanting for space. The northern end of the beach near the airport is particularly quiet; the only people here are likely to be the odd fisherman or energetic dog walker.

A bank of pebbles hems the top of the beach but within the tidal range a large expanse of fine sand is revealed.
Windsurfing is a popular activity here and good conditions are common. Surfing waves are less frequently available, but do occur from time to time.
Dinas Dinlle is a very open place and is rather exposed to the wind. There are excellent views though across to Llanddywyn island on Anglesey and along the hills on the north coast of the Lleyn Peninsula.
Dinas Dinlle gets its name from an iron age hill fort, the remains of which sit on top of the cliff at the back of the beach.
Facilities wise Dinas Dinlle has two sets of toilets on the promenade, plus a couple of shops and a kid’s play area.

Between the 1st of April and 30th September the section directly in front of the main promenade is designated as a dog exclusion zone.

Approach / parking:

There is a car park adjacent to the beach.

Safety & Access
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Safety & Access

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