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Its time to establish North Wales as the destination for outdoor activity in the UK…

Brought to you by the team that developed way back in 2002 and functioning as the main platform for the Heart of Adventure North Wales brand, is the culmination of over 10 years experience working with the outdoor sector in North Wales.

Time for new approach to promoting the destination… is the definitive guide to the very best outdoor activity venues that North Wales has to offer. We’ve worked with local guidebook publishers, photographers and content producers and outdoor professionals to make sure that North Wales is presented in an accurate and authentic way.

The key aim of the project is to ensure that the region can be promoted to directly compete with other UK activity locations.

Time to get outdoors whatever the weather…

For each venue we’ve pulled in additional data which includes real time Met Office weather and rainfall radar feeds, mountain area forecast and ground conditions, along with tide times and journey times to venues. This provides end users with the real time information they need to plan their days to get the most out of their adventures in North Wales.

Time for new approach to promoting your business…

We are confident that can deliver customers to your business. Whether you are an activity provider, gear shop, hotelier, B&B, outdoor friendly cafe or pub, or anyone wanting to target the growing activity tourism market shown currently worth £213 million to North Wales; users will be interested in what you do!

Whether you choose an affordable site wide banner, a large leader board ad banner, exclusive sponsorship of your customers favourite mountain route, bike trail, beach or bouldering venue, provides a real opportunity to engage with new customers.

Time to join Market Place powered by Heart of Adventure…

With over 15 million active users in the UK, Twitter is integrated throughout the site via our dedicated Market Place. Market Place provides real time, site wide visibility for you to actively promote your business, engage with your customers and highlight special offers, sales and promotions or unique events that will capture the imagination of the sites adventurous users. Just tweet using your own Twitter account and add our hashtags… and then we do the rest - it really is that simple!

Time to watch the video trailer…

Watch a short preview of the brand new video we have produced to help promote

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